Camp Location
CCSU-Arute Field
Camp Date
June 27 - June 29
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM EST
Camp Price(s)
$145.00 - $350.00
Team Camp Session II


All High School Age Campers - Grades 9-12 for September 2016


  • The goal of our 3 day team camp is to teach the best and safest techniques so that each camper has the opportunity to play football
    at the highlest level.  The team concept allows programs to grow together as an entire unit.  Each team will have college coaches
    working with them in both individual technique sessions and also during team sessions to help develop and to run their offensive and defensive schemes.  Seven on Seven sessions, inside run sessions,and full team sessions will all be offered during the 3 day camp.  Day 3 will have an afternoon session with a Team competition that wll conclude the final session of camp.
  • What to Bring:
    • This is a contact camp - all campers mut have a mouth piece, helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, thigh pads, tail pads, cleats and sneakers. We recommend that between sessions each player have shorts, t shirts, sneakers / flip flops and a towel.
    • Overnight campers will need pillows, toiletries, alarm clock, extra socks, shorts, t shirts, tooth brushes, bed linens.  A pad lock is recommended if you are bringing any valuables (cell phones / wallet)  Upon arrival all campers will be checked in and it’s mandatory that all physical forms for each camper are collected.
  • What not to Bring:
    • Stereos, TV’s, Laptops, Boom boxes, Xbox/PS4 - anything that can not be safely secured.