Camp Location
USC ~ Galen Center
Camp Date
August 02 - August 05
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM PST
Camp Price(s)
$700.00 - $850.00

The Jeff Nygaard Volleyball Camp, LLC is open to ages 14-18 and all levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Elite. Players will be divided by age, position, ability, and experience so that each player maximizes their camp experience and volleyball learning.  Campers will be taught all skills as well as tactics for each position.  Offensive and defensive systems will be focus of 6v6 game play.  Parents are welcome to stay and observe any or all training sessions.  Jeff Nygaard Camp is open to any and all entrants, limited only by gender, number, age, and/or grade level.

Here are a few logistical details:

DROP OFF for Thursday the 2nd will take place at 12PM in front of the PX2 parking structure on Mcarthy Way.

PICK UP for Sunday the 5th will take place at 1PM in front of the PX2 parking structure on Mcarthy Way.


What to bring:

The Dorms Will provide:

-Body Towel

-Face Towel





-Mini Fridge 

What YOU Need to Bring:

-Signed Waivers

-Copy Of Medical Insurance Card

-Water Bottle

-Shower Sandals


-Volleyball Gear (Shirts/Shorts/Socks/Underwear) for 10 Training Sessions

-Knee Pads/Finger/Hand Tape/Other Personal Training Gear


-Alarm Clock

-Back Pack

-Snacks/Sports Drinks

Sample Day at Camp:

8:00-9:00am  Breakfast

9:00-11:30am Morning Session

11:30am-2pm  Lunch/Break

2:00pm-4:30pm  Afternoon Session

4:30pm-6:30pm  Dinner/Break

6:30pm-8:30pm  Evening Session

8:30pm-10pm(Lights Out!)  Shower/Clean-Up