Camp Location
The University of Memphis South Campus
Camp Date
April 06
08:00 AM - 09:30 AM CST
Camp Price(s)

Only approved applicants will be admitted.  


We are allowing additional athletes a chance to be evaluated by NFL scouts in lieu of a participant's own college/university  hosting a pro day.  This is NOT a full pro day, but rather a chance to have real scouts perform the tests and drills to be certified and recorded for league distribution.  If your performance merits further evaluation, then participation in the official pro day may be granted by working scouts or supervisors on site.


With your registration, you are guaranteed the following tests: 1. Height, 2. Weight, 3. Arm and Hand Measurements, 4. Wonderlic (if you have not already taken it), 5. 40-yard dash (2x), 6.) Pro Shuttle (1x).  All tests will be officially recorded by NFL scouts and available for distribution to all other teams and to participants upon written request after the conclusion of the day.


The preliminary testing will conclude no later than 10am.  If your performance interests a participating scout for further evaluation, you may be amended to the Official University of Memphis participants list at the discretion of interested scouts.  There is NO GUARANTEE for future consideration after the conclusion of the aforementioned drills. 


All decisions on future participation are at the discretion of those working the event and are final.  Please be respectful of the opportunity of others to perform at their best as they were for you.  In the meantime, we wish you well on your final training weeks, and good luck on the day of the event.