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2020 Early Bird Camp
($84.80 - $159.00)

What they are saying about Coach Shoop: 

“When we called other head coaches to get input on prospective candidates, almost every person said, ‘You’ve got the best person right in Birmingham in Brian Shoop.’ He graduates players, he coaches a very competitive program, and he’s involved in the community.”
- Richard Margison, former UAB interim AD


“I learned so much from Coach Shoop; how to treat the kids, how to be a husband and father, how to run an offense, how to balance baseball and family, and how to treat the team. Everyday the things I do are a reflection of what I learned from him.”
- Darren Schoenrock, Memphis head coach


“It has been a blessing and privilege to work with Coach Shoop. He is, in my opinion, the best coach in all of America. He is incredibly organized and prepared and thinks the game at a different level. What truly seperates him is love for his players and his faith. When you have an opportunity to be around him you can’t help but grow as a coach and as a person.”
- Perry Roth, UAB assistant coach