Camp Location
CEFCU Stadium 1240 s 7th San Jose CA 95112
Camp Date
June 21
04:00 PM - 08:00 PM PST
Camp Price(s)
Coach Pay In Full: $200.00

You must sign up as a group for this camp. You will be guarateed 5 games. The rules and bracket set up are below.


All participants must provide Insurance Carrier and Policy Number.


Participants need to bring clothes and shoes or cleats to work-out in. Please bring your own drink (Water, Gatorade), as well as, sunscreen. These are non-contact camps; helmet and shoulder pads are not needed.


San Jose State Football Camps provide instruction and are open to any and all campers, limited only by the number of campers, age. 


2:00 PM       Registration Opens

2:00-4:00     Open Practice Time

4:00 AM      Group Warm-Up Led by SJSU Football

4:10 AM      Indy with SJSU Football Staff

4:30 AM      Pod Game 1

5:00 PM       Pod Game 2

6:30 PM       Pod Game 3

7:00 PM       Sweet 16

7:30 PM       Elite 8

8:00 PM       Final 4 

8:30 PM       Semi finals

9:00 PM       Championship


Playing Rules


Each team will get 10 plays from the 35 yard line and then 5 plays from the 10 yard line. 


They receive 1 point for a 5 yard completion. 2 points for a 20 yard completion and 4 points for a TD. Defensively, they get 3 points for an interception and 1 point for a sack


We have a QB tee with a 4 sec timer, if time expires prior to ball leaving QB hand, it is a Sack and +1 point for Defense.


Players will be marked down on touch by defense. There is no blocking by the offense after the catch. Fouls for blocking will result in automatic 0 points for that play.


1st team on Offense will be selected by coin flip and a choice by the captain. Each team will alternate series from the 35 yard line, and then reset at the 10 yard line.


Championship games: Ball will be placed on 40. 4 downs to cross the 20. 4 downs to get a TD. 4 points for a TD, can go for 1 from the 5 yard line or for 2 from the 10 yard line. Defensively, they get 3 points for an interception and 1 point for a sack


Insurance forms: Please print and have a form for each participant with insurance carrier, number and contact for guardian. Email


Roster: Please fill out roster of participants matching the insurance forms with shirt sizes so we can have it ready for you - email to


Parking is free in Park n Ride on 7th street. Registration is at Simpkins Stadium Center

1240 S 7th St

San Jose CA 95112