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Check-In:  June 21, 2017 between 1:00pm and 2:00pm

  • Check-in will take place at Kemper Residence Hall (2420 Campus Drive). Campers should eat lunch prior to check-in.

Check-Out:  June 24, 2017 at 11:00am

  • Check-out will take place at Kemper Residence Hall (2420 Campus Drive).  Lunch is not provided on the final day of camp.

Camp Evaluation Run:

After check-in is completed at 2:00PM on Wednesday, June 21st there will be a 1-mile evaluation run begining at 5:00PM. This evaluation run allows us to properly place campers in appropriate training groups. This will take place along the Northwestern Lakefront Path.


Sample Daily Schedule:

7:30 AM – Breakfast

8:45 AM – Primary Session: Morning Run + Stretching 

10:00 AM – Team Building Activity

12:30 PM – Lunch

1:30 PM – Education Session

3:00 PM – Beach Time 

5:00 PM – Mechanic Development Session: Movement + Drills

6:15 PM – Dinner

7:30 PM – Social Activity

10:30 PM – Lights Out



Every precaution will be used to prevent accidents. We do not, however, assume any responsibility for medical, dental, or expenses incurred as a result of participation in camp. A parent or guardian must complete the application & sign the waiver before a runner will be accepted into the camp. A certified athletic trainer will be at every camp session.