Camp Location
Villanova University
Camp Date
August 02
03:30 PM - 09:00 PM EST
Camp Price(s)

Why Defense & Passing Academy?

Our Defense Academy is designed for any athlete looking to hone in on their backrow skills - serve receive, defense, and ball control. This two session academy is available for any skill level. Groups will be separated by skill level. There will be basic training for those just beginning, but for higher level athletes this will be an intense two session camp.


Dinner will be provided from 6:00 - 6:45 at the Villanova dining halls. 


*** Due to high demand last summer, we will offer a second session on the following day.  In this specific training camp, we feel that it is valuable for our campers to experience two days of repetitions in their desired position.  A discounted price is offered for players attending both sessions -- please look on the homepage for the camp "Defense & Pass Academy I & II Bundle" ***


*** If signing up for both sessions, please only sign up in the "Hitter Camp I & II Bundle" Camp.  Thank you! ***

Defense& Passing Academy Camp Check-In / Out
August 2nd Check-in @ 3:00 pm in Jake Nevin Field House. Camp starts at 3:30 pm.
August 2nd Check-out @ 9:00 pm in Jake Nevin Field House. An adult must check-out campers at the end of camp.